Paula Yassine


Paula is our CEO and has been working with people in the great outdoors for more than 25 years now providing training in forestry, conservation & horticulture for people with disabilities and other disadvantaged members of our community. Paula now spends most of her time ensuring the charity runs as smooth as possible but still prefers getting in the garden with everyone if at all possible and has a particular mission to keep all the garden birds as well fed as possible. Read more about Paula in this profile from Hackney Today or visit this Hackney Gazette piece about her work in the garden.

Siobhan MacMahon


Siobhan joined the team as Community Projects Coordinator in September 2018 and is now Garden Manager. They coordinate projects for people with learning disabilities, long term health conditions, mental ill health, and manage volunteers and other community projects in the garden. Siobhan has several years of gardening, support and training as well as press and campaigns experience. They are particularly interested in organic food growing, and gardening for mental wellbeing. 



Antoinette Stammers
Antoinette is our Senior Horticultural Therapist, she has worked at the garden for many years and is also our resident florist and trainer.





Steph Goward
Steph is our Horticultural Therapist and joined the team in Spring 2022.







Sheelagh Williams
Sheelagh joined the team as Finance Manager in Autumn 2022.