Gardening is Good

This film was made in 2015, and is an odyssey around east London, showing how gardening can fix almost everything, from climate change to loneliness. (It is 29 minutes long, and we feature about 20 minutes in.)

St Marys Video

This is a short film about St. Mary’s Secret Garden, which was made in 2014.

Other films in which we feature

Fit Cities

This Fit World 2013 conference video was made as part of the London Mayor’s Fit Cities programme. Watch it here (St. Mary’s appears about 3:48 from the beginning of the 7 minute film).

Greening London

This film showed the garden as part of the City Bridge Growing Localities scheme, 2012, which aimed to make better use of London’s green spaces; encourage community engagement, ownership and volunteering; and help reduce social isolation through working with others. Watch it here.