Garden Services

*This project is not currently running*

St Mary’s Secret Garden is looking at the potential of providing affordable gardening services for older people in Hackney and neighbouring boroughs who are having difficulties maintaining their own garden spaces. We feel that such a service could have a positive impact, improve quality of life and be a factor in helping people remain independent in their own homes for longer.

Next Steps

We are preparing a bid for funding for a project to train local disadvantaged and unemployed people to provide these services and in order to do this we need to assess the need for it. The more positive responses we get, the better our chances of proving need and getting the funds.

How You Can Help

If you are an organisation working with older people, such as a carers’ group or housing association, you will have a view on the overall need for gardening assistance among the older people you work with – please drop us a line at to give us your views – just an idea of the level of demand: high, medium, low or none would be enough.

If you are a commercial organisation which already sources gardening services to the elderly we would like to know if you would consider inviting us to tender for this kind of work when we are up and running. Again, please let us know at

We also have a survey for interested individuals which will give us an idea of the kind of help people want and the price that they can afford. Anyone who would be interested in using a gardening service may complete the survey, and optionally provide contact details so that we can get in touch when we have news of progress.

You may complete the survey online (opens on a new page) or click here to download the survey form.