Plant & Produce Sales

Plant sales

We are currently open for socially distanced plant sales on Tuesdays and Fridays 10am – 1pm.

Card payments preferable.

Plants are sold subject to stock. Many are grown from seed using organic methods by our service users. New plants are added all the time and unusual varieties appear in our plant sales areas.

All plants and vegetables are maintained and prepared by the clients, learners and volunteers who come to the garden. We do not use chemicals to care for our plants, instead we make our own compost and fertiliser from our green waste, worms and from the comfrey plant which grows here.

Seasonal Vegetables

Pick your own or buy in pots to plant, including; lettuce, rocket, spinach, tomatoes, beans and lots more…

Herbs for Cooking

Pots of herbs to take home and plant including; rosemary, coriander, parsley, basil, chives and lots more…


Garden Supplies

Bags of garden compost made from our green waste at £3.00

Comfrey (organic plant food) available in small bottles at 80p and large bottles for £2.00

Worm fertiliser made from our hard working worms, small 80p and large £2.00

Jams and chutneys are made by the gardeners from produce grown here, some of our best sellers are blackcurrant jam and rhubarb and ginger jam. When it comes to chutneys then you must try our spiced carrot & ginger, as well as the marrow and apple chutney. Prices range from £3.00 for a small jar to £5.00 for a large jar.
Seeds are collected in the summer and autumn. They are placed in bags and available for sale from 50p.

Scented bags and pillows filled with lavender and other herbs from the garden from 70p.

Plant Prices 2020

We have had some rises in core costs e.g. compost and delivery prices – but we are recycling plant pots to reduce other costs. Download our Plant Prices list for details of our charges for perennials, annuals, bedding, herbs and vegetable plants, together with compost, fertiliser and various gift items.