Becoming a Trustee

The garden is run by a voluntary Management Committee or Board, which consists of a group of people who meet bimonthly to discuss issues concerning the Garden. These are our trustees, who are responsible for producing our business and strategic plans, as well as finances and policies.

In addition to the statutory duties, each trustee uses any specific skills, knowledge or experience they have to help the Management Committee team reach sound decisions. We are continually on the lookout for new trustees. If you’re interested in the work of the charity and feel that you could contribute as a trustee, please email to arrange to meet us.

Some of our trustees describe why they enjoy it:

“the best thing about being involved with St Mary’s is that it gives me the opportunity to use my skills and time to invest in an organisation that really does improve the situations and quality of lives of those it is able to help. I feel very proud to be associated with the garden and to be able to support the meaningful work it does within the local community in Hackney.”
- Alison


“It’s time well spent steering a course for an amazing organisation that improves the lives of vulnerable people and their families/carers” - Lynn


“It’s wonderful to be able to help St Mary’s continue to transform people’s lives!”
- Janet