Donations & Business Sponsorship

St Mary’s Secret Garden provides companies with a unique opportunity to invest time and resources in the local community, ethically support local disabled and disadvantaged people and make a visible contribution to a greener environment.

You can:

  • meet your criteria for corporate social responsibility
  • provide an opportunity for your staff to engage in structured team building opportunities
  • provide an opportunity for employees to interact with each other in a non-work setting
  • contribute to the ethical, social and cultural values of Hackney

The time and money you spend with us make a huge difference to our work and enable us to provide a professional service and maintain a beautiful garden for everyone.

If this would interest your organisation, please download our Corporate Group Volunteering Interest Form. You may return the completed form by post or email to


Your company can donate to help us in our work.

For example:

  • Corelogic has funded a year’s ecotherapy sessions for disadvantaged people who have lost Council funding;
  • Linklaters LLP gave a Charities Aid Foundation voucher to cover a month’s cost for a full day/week social and therapeutic placement;
  • Deutsche Bank provided us with a polytunnel and the work force to erect it.

Team Volunteer Days

How about getting your team to help out in our garden with a specific project? Costs are £30-£35 a person per day depending on raw material costs. The work done can be tailored to meet your corporate requirements. Sessions can be quite challenging and can encourage lateral thinking and problem solving.

Examples of the sort of teambuilding work we offer this year:

  • Painting and treating structures in the garden
  • Greenhouse maintenance
  • Great garden clearouts – suitable for large teams who don’t mind getting grubby!
  • Non-gardening help eg ICT support and training, publicity support and training
  • Improving our woodland area
  • Repairing compost heaps

If this would interest your organisation, please download our Corporate Group Volunteering Interest Form. You may return the completed form by post or email to


Sponsoring one of the areas of our garden will help to cover vital maintenance and administrative costs. All sponsors will receive a plaque in the garden and / or publicity via our website.

Examples of sponsorship

Flower Beds£50 p.a. will provide much needed seeds and support general maintenance.Seating and Relaxation Areas£25 p.a. will provide general maintenance including protective painting.GreenhouseAnnual adoption contributions start at £250 for materials, including trays and modules, heating, maintenance of glass panes and cleaning.Garden SignageAdoption contributions start at £50 p.a. and will enable our local community to get the most out of the garden.Enterprise ActivitiesEnable the garden to move towards sustainability – examples include sponsoring our seed packaging and selling (£50 p.a. will help us buy packaging materials); our chutney and jam making activities; our new ‘embryo’ garden services initiative – employ us to look after your indoor or outdoor planting schemes..

Herb and Sensory Garden £100 p.a. will provide much needed seeds, new plants and support general maintenance.

Contact us for more details and to discuss your needs.